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Quick takes — Friendship Park improvements, new townhomes in Oviedo

Upcoming Friendship Park improvements

Worn or broken parts in the playground area of Friendship Park, located at 200 W. Broadway Street in Oviedo, are expected to be replaced or fixed in the next few weeks by the City of Oviedo.

The city said the materials needed for the improvements have been on back order since April of last year due to delays resulting from the pandemic.

The “forever lawn” under the swing area will be replaced, and damaged or broken items in the playground areas will be fixed.

The city said parts needed for improvements at Center Lake Park are still on backorder.

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Oviedo City Council approves townhome project

A project that will place 20 townhomes across from the Lawton House on West Broadway Street was approved by the Oviedo City Council on Monday night.

The project will encompass nearly 2 acres with its main entrance on North Lake Jessup Avenue. There will be another access point on Broadway Street.

The project was approved by Oviedo’s Local Planning Agency Board on Feb. 1 by a 4-2 vote. Some board members expressed concern that this project would add too much traffic to the area, which is already congested. 

Councilwoman Natalie Teuchert said that the road widening that’s currently extending Broadway from two to four lanes should ease that issue.

“It does look like the way the road is developing, it will be OK on this one,” she said.

Mayor Megan Sladek said the developer had wanted to build a commercial building on the site but the city’s land development code restricted him to residential.

“This does comply with the code,” she said.

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