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Corporate Sponsorship Account Representative

Oviedo Community News, a nonprofit local newsroom, believes that like local news, local businesses are integral to the health and success of a community. Being hyperlocal, we are able to offer businesses a direct line to the people in their own backyard. By aligning with our mission-driven organization, our sponsors are sending a message to our readers that they care about the community.

OCN is looking for someone with a passion for contributing to the health of local news and local business to help grow our corporate sponsorship program and help our sponsors tell their story to the Greater Oviedo and Winter Springs community.

Each local business is unique. We need someone who will take the time to understand our local business owners’ promotional needs and help them get the right message to potential customers. We are seeking someone with 2-4 years experience in social media and digital sales. Ideal candidates will network, develop and pursue leads, and create custom sponsorship packages that maximize benefits for our corporate sponsors.

This is a commission-based, contracted position that offers the ability to work from home and create your own schedule.

Please send your resume and references to Megan Stokes at

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Freelance reporter

OCN is looking for trained journalists to help tell the Greater Oviedo and Winter Springs story. Ideal candidates will share the newsroom’s mission to provide important local information that helps residents feel better informed, more connected and empowered to shape their community.

This is a contracted, freelance position. Please send your resume and news clips to Megan Stokes at

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Community Advisory Board member

The CAB is a voluntary board that helps guide OCN’s coverage plans in Greater Oviedo and Winter Springs, offers new perspectives on community issues, identifies any biases or inaccuracies in OCN’s work, and reports any resident grievances so that the newsroom can make it right.

Members of this board serve as OCN ambassadors, spreading the word about our mission, and connecting residents with the newsroom through our survey, social media, newsletter and events.

Members attend board meetings every other month at 10 a.m. on Mondays on the Lawton House porch in Oviedo. We invite members of the community to apply for a one-year term on the board. The board is capped at 10 members.

We wish to achieve diversity in age, ethnicity, socioeconomics, geographic location, political ideologies and professional backgrounds. Our goal is to include people on the board who can help give a voice to underrepresented people in the community.

Here are the CAB requirements:

  • Members must live in Greater Oviedo/Winter Springs.
  • Members must disclose any potential conflicts of interest and be willing to have those be made public.
  • Members must be willing to meet virtually or in person at least quarterly and be available for occasional group chats or conference calls. Most communication to board members will be digital.
  • Members must have respect for others on the board and their ideas and opinions.
  • Members should have a deep interest in enriching their community and sharing ideas and information in order to form a feeling of connection among neighbors.
  • Members must be a current financial supporter (made a monetary donation to OCN within the last 12 months of application date)

To apply, send your name, contact information and answers to the following questions to The application window is February-March annually.

  • What’s your zip code?
  • How long have you lived here?
  • Do you belong to any civic groups? If yes, which ones?
  • What is your profession?
  • Answer the following in a few sentences:
    • What do you think about your community?
    • What are your goals for the area?
    • Please express what issues matter to you most.
    • Discuss any experience you have working with others, resolving issues with others, and compromising with others, especially those with differing viewpoints.
    • Do you get involved in the community? If yes, how?

Learn more about the CAB.

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Newsroom intern

OCN internships are different from many others in that we offer tons of opportunities for real reporting and writing experience, along with one-on-one guidance to equip our students with the skills and training they need to be successful post graduation. We believe that preparing the next generation of journalists is essential to the success and survival of real, meaningful journalism.

Students who join our team will get:

  • Shadowing opportunities with seasoned journalists
  • Photojournalism training
  • One-on-one time with editors
  • Pre-reporting coaching from editors

Deadlines will be announced on a rolling basis. The application deadline for the summer semester is March 23. Send your clips and resume to Megan Stokes at

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