Our values

Our Values

We believe every community has its own voice.

We believe in passionate people who love their community and want to make it the best it can be.

We believe that timely, factual, local information can help improve people’s daily lives, and that curiosity feeds a healthy society and the soul.

We believe in civic engagement, reasonable solutions and peaceful action.

We believe in honesty, on our part and yours. Please don’t be afraid to tell us when you think we got something wrong. Or right.

We believe in inclusion and that a news organization should aim to reflect the diversity of the community it serves in its staff, contributors, news coverage and community advisory board. We believe this should be discussed honestly and regularly to ensure that it remains a priority.

We believe that our newsroom belongs to the people.

We believe in good news. It inspires good deeds and helps to chase down the hard stuff.

We believe in thoughtfulness, fairness, hard work and open communication.

We believe working together is the best way to work.