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Oviedo term extensions land on ballot

Editor’s note: This article was edited to include the correct amount the city spends on off-cycle elections. 

The Oviedo City Council voted Monday to put term extensions for council members on the ballot this year. Passage would lengthen terms to three years in 2023 and four years in 2024.
Mayor Megan Sladek said residents have voted this measure down in the past, favoring the accountability it means for officials.
The city spends an average of $25,700 on elections that don’t sync with state and federal elections. That’s compared to $3,300 when the city and state elections do sync. This measure would align Oviedo with the state and federal cycles.
Joe Thoma, member of the charter review committee that recommended the extension, said “this will help people who are in office to focus on the office rather than campaigning.”

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