Submitted letters

Letter submitted on Aug. 17, 2022 in response to OCN’s article Council members object to proposed shared road lanes, driverless shuttle.

Adding bicycle lanes/buses will just drain the cities’ already negative cash flow. It’s easy to predict they won’t be widely used and will have zero real impact on traffic. Look up what happened in Orlando’s Hourglass District. They put them in, and like three months later pulled them out. How about some timing of lights, some roundabouts and some cell phone enforcement? Those are relatively cheap, tried-and-true methods at reducing traffic.

-Bryan Horgan, Oviedo resident

Letter submitted on July 21, 2022

Dear Editor,

I agree with (Oviedo Local Planning Agency Board member) Steven Rich and (LPA Chairman) Darrell Lopez (in Oviedo Community News’ July 20 article “Oviedo Mall housing project no longer age restricted; new housing project surfaces”) that there is a great need for dedicated senior housing in Oviedo. As someone who has been working with and for seniors for many years (former Area Agency on Aging project director and current board of directors member for Neighbors Network, which helps the elderly age in-home), I encounter this need often. At its best, senior housing needs to be priced below market rate and accept housing vouchers, if potential renters qualify for them. I understand this is a challenge for developers, but it’s something the City (of Oviedo) can and should require in exchange for permission to build. It’s the right thing for our city to do.


Laura Capp, Oviedo resident